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TCM Emotional Management by Reader's Digest

We live in a busy world, where stress, fear, panic, worry, and anxiety are commonplace. But if you don't know how to manage these emotions, you could begin to feel overwhelmed, withdrawn, or unblanced. Over time, this could have lasting negative effects on your general well-being and your relationships with those around you.

Managing Your Emotional Health Using Traditional Chinese Medicine brings back an age-old proven science that provides natural solutions to achieve a satisfying and balanced life by making a few simple changes that include:

using acupressure, adding specific herbs to your diet tofacilitate mood changes, listening to music, changing certain lifestyle habits , eating healthy foods, sharing emotions with friends, exercising outdoors with exposure to sunlight

  • Title: Managing Your Emotional Health Using Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Publisher: Reader's Digest Association
  • Author:  Zhang Yifang
  • Language: English
  • Where to buy : No.390 Fu Zhou Rd, Huangpu District, Shanghai

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