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Winter Boost Up Recipes
Recipe for Strengthening the Yin 补阴食谱
     Chinese yam(山药)20g;lily bulb(百合)30g;duck(鸭肉)100g
     ginkgo(银杏)50g;ginger(生姜) and spring onion (小葱)5g
     rice wine(米酒)15g;  salt(盐)5g;  stewed one and half hours for soup   (煲汤)
Prevent and treat spleen and kidney weakness of leukorrhea, diarrhea, lung weakness of cough, skin pigment. Diabetes of thirst and weight loss
Recipe for Strengthening the Yin and Yang in Winter  阴阳平补
     150g of Walnut (核桃仁) mix with 150g of Sesame(黑芝麻) together to make a powder, eat 1-2 tea spoons with breakfast.
   Walnut (核桃仁)
   warm & astringent
   Tonifying the kidney to arrest spontaneous emission, warming the lung to relieve asthma, moisturizing the intestines to relax the bowels. Prevent and treat lumbago, asthma and cough, freguent urination.


   Neutral Sweet

   Invigorating the liver & kidney, nourishes essence & blood, moisturizing the five viscera & intestine. Prevent and treat early greying of hair, constipation, dizziness and hypogalactia.      

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