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What is the benefit of American Ginseng (西洋参)
Temperature:  Cooling
Flavor:  Slightly bitter and sweet
Meridians to entry: Lung, heart, kidney and spleen
Favorable range of application: American ginseng strengthens qi and nourishes bodily fluids. Beneficial for the body after high fever, bleeding and perspiration. Treats fatigue, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, increased thirst, dry mouth, weak pulse, heart palpitation, poor appetite and dry stool. The Chinese use American ginseng to tonify the body after suffering from bronchitis or any kind of lung or respiratory ailments. People that suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes and tuberculosis can benefit from using American ginseng to tonify the body and regulate body temperature. Also helpful for boosting memory.
How to eat?
1.      Place one slice or 3gr of the root in your mouth, mix with your saliva, and then chew it slowly. or powder, this is beneficial for patients undergoing radiotherapy. Start consuming the American ginseng two weeks prior to treatment and continue until it is completed. Beneficial for cancer of the nose and throat.
2.      Make tea with one slice of American ginseng and 50ml of boiling water. Place the lid on the cup and let steep for five minutes before drinking. Eat the root after you drink the tea. 
3.      Add 3gr of American ginseng to 100ml water. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer for 30 minutes. Then pour the liquid in a cup and drink it and eat the root. For those who do not like eating the root, the cooking time can be increased for additional 30 minutes or 60 minutes in total; then drink the liquid and discard the root. Beneficial for cancer of the nose and throat.

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