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Keeping Cool in the Summer
Eliminating heat and toxin in summer 
Chinese medicinal herbs in this category can clear away heat, purge fire and is more efficient in detoxifying, including clearing away heat or fire-toxin. Such as Jin Yin Hua;Lian Qiao;Ban Lan Gen
Let us look more detail for Jin Yin Hua   
Medicinal Properties  
   Sweet in flavor, cold in nature and attributive to the lung, heart and stomach meridians .
   Clear away heat and relieve toxin, disperse wind and heat, eliminate summer-heat by cooling.
Usage and Dosage  
    6-15g is used in decoction for oral use, or prepared into Jinyinhua Lu by steaming, just right amount is used externally. Generally the crude is used, the fresh is better and the carbonized one is used for dysentery.
   It can be used for seasonal febrile diseases or exterior syndrome of exogenous wind-heat type
   It is used for carbuncle and pyocutaneous disease, and most suitable for yang syndrome of heat-toxin type , whether the carbuncle is ripe or not or the beginning of rupture.
   For blood dysentery of heat type or purulent hematochezia, it can be decocted alone into thick decoction or used together with Huangqi, Huanglian Baitouweng, etc. to strengthen the action of relieving dysentery.
    For summer-heat syndrome with excessive thirst, sore throat, summer carbuncle and the rash, etc.

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