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1.1.1 Herbal Medicine
The herbal practitioner combines natural remedies
to suit the patient's individual needs. It promotes
and supports the body's natural healing powers
while relieving the symptoms of disease. This is a
dynamic but gentle and safe approach to restore
healthto the person as a whole.

1.1.2  Acupuncture
This is a system of medicine, which restores and
supports health by the insertion of fine needles
gently into specific points on the surface of the
body.We also use methods of cupping, moxa,
aromatherapy and ear puncture to suit individual
condition of clients. These treatments stimulate
or sedate the energy pathway and arouse body's
own self-healing powers, therefore restoring the
overall energy balance. We use Disposable

1.1.3  Diet therapy
We recommend suitable food for clients according to
age, gender, individual body's type, health conditions
and periods of time or seasons.

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