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3-13 14-24 25-40 41-60 Over 60

job position:
junior and middle senior

1、Are you afraid of coldness or heat?
Afraid of coldness   Afraid of heat Normal

2、What do you prefer, cold drinks or hot drinks?
Hot drinks   Cold drinks Depends

3、Do you sweat a lot?
A little  A lot Spontaneous or night sweating

4、 Do you often feel thirsty?
No Often thirsty but don’t want to drink

5、How is complexion shown in your face?
Ashen looking or puffiness Dry and flushed cheeks Shining

6、What’s the color of your tongue coating(when you get up every morning)?
White coating Yellow coating No coating

7、What’s your pulse quantity per minute?
less than 60 From 60 to 80 Over 92

8、How many “moons” in your nails?
0-3 4-7 8-10

9、What kind of food do you prefer?
A light taste A spicy and Strong taste Vege diet

10、How is your Bowel movement?  
1/day 1/2-3days 3-4times/day

11、Do you feel energetic?
Yes No Tired

12、How often do you catch cold every year?
0-1 time 2-3times Over 4 times


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