Self assessment one
Self assessment two
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Health life style and food
 Self assessment of body types: wet or dry

1.The size of your tongue body and the thickness of your tongue coating

   Big size of tongue body, or thick coating    Small size of tongue body, or thin coating

2.What kind taste do you have in your mouth normally?

   Sticky and sweet        Thirst and dry

3.What is your skin condition in the four limbs in the humid weather or environment?

   Water blister or itch      No change

4.The quantity of your ordinarily excretion? (eyes, ears, scraps, oily skin, women’s discharge; phlegm or running nose when got cold )

   Quite a lot            None or just a tiny amount

5.Do you smoke?

   Smoke           No

6.Do you drink alcohol?

   Drink alcohol           No

7.Do you stand sweet or sour types of food?

   don’t         yes

8.What do you feel often?

   Your body is heavy, sleepy or fullness of chest and stomach    Your always feel irritable, night-sweat, or have dry lips and throat

9.What is the elimination of your bowel movement and urine?

   Loose stool or turbid urine      Dry stool, constipation or scanty urine

10. What’s your figure?

   heavy build           slim

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